Blooming during BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

Peace Ladies..feeling Rejuvenated after an Aromatic #JustHerGetAway to the Botanical Gardens..the Day Lilies were in this bloom on this visit..Aromatherapy at it’s best..In the interest of this being #bipocmentalhealthawarenessmonth , #justhergetaways like this, do so much to assist in relieving me of symptoms from mental illnesses I’ve been diagnosed with: PTSD, Bi-polar disorder, Generalized AnxietyContinue reading “Blooming during BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month”

Float, Float On

“Every part of me is beautiful, and I finally see I’m a work of art, I’m a masterpiece” Jazmine Sullivan -Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) Peace Ladies..been having some random moments of feeling insecure and questioning my self-esteem..feeling grateful for a Peaceful #JustHerGetAway to get my float on while basking in the Sun..and reflect on making sureContinue reading “Float, Float On”

Calming Culinary Experiences

Peace Ladies..still reminiscing on a Therapeutic Cooking Lesson #JustHerGetAway…it was soo satisfying to look up a recipe for an idea that came to me, fix the dish for the first time and it come out tasting delicious😋…when is the last time you tried a new recipe? Feel free to share below…Pic is of a SOFASContinue reading “Calming Culinary Experiences”

Ancestrally Inspired Art

Peace Ladies…reminiscing on an artistic 3 hour #JustHerGetAway I had a few months ago, when I was Ancestrally inspired to draw the logo for a passion of mine..feeling grateful to finally see the graphic version of it today✨ Do you all have any artistic inclinations? Feel free to share below..Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕 #JustHerGetAwayContinue reading “Ancestrally Inspired Art”