Slides w/ a side of the World’s oldest Kid!

Peace Ladies…Feeling like the world’s oldest kid as I reminisce on a #JustHerGetAway to Layman Family Farm’s Fall Festival in Blue Ridge, Va. I think I’ll always Love a good slide🥰Here’s to our Divine Self-Caređź’• #justhergetaway #selfcare #peaceofmind I’m happy to help and as an Author, Empowerment Coach, and Holistic Practitioner w/ over 20 yrsContinue reading “Slides w/ a side of the World’s oldest Kid!”

Being My own Safe Space

Peace Ladies…I’m grateful to continue to learn how to be My Own Safe Space. In the past, I looked to Processed food, Alcohol, Drugs, and Relationships/Partners to be a Safe Space for me and without fail, they Always Now Loving myself through creating Nurturing habits (like eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, staying inContinue reading “Being My own Safe Space”

Rooftop Lounging w/ a side of Afrikan Jazz Fusion

Peace Ladies..Over 20 years ago, in order to get to a place within me, that I felt comfortable going on Whole trips by myself, I started out by first getting comfortable w/ going to various local places and events by myself…and all these years later, I Still Enjoy doing this, particularly when I’m not ableContinue reading “Rooftop Lounging w/ a side of Afrikan Jazz Fusion”

World Mental Health Day and Kings Dominion

Peace Ladies..Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and I celebrated it by just…taking it easy…As someone who’s a Refined Food Addict and Overeater in Recovery and diagnosed w/ Mental illnesses PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Bi-Polar disorder, I’m grateful for the Intentional ways I amp up my Self-Care w/ the way I eat, drinking lots ofContinue reading “World Mental Health Day and Kings Dominion”

Afrikan Fairy Goddess at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Peace Ladies…Feeling Mythical as I reminisce on a recent #JustHerGetAway to the Maryland Renaissance Festival…of course, as a Professional Face Paint Artist ( just one of the many hats I wear), before arriving, I was happy to create an Afrikan Fairy Goddess look and added horns I purchased once I arrived. I had a blastContinue reading “Afrikan Fairy Goddess at the Maryland Renaissance Festival”

An Ode to Summer

Get your copy of Powerful EBOOK “Let Go or Be Dragged: Learning The Healing Art of Letting Go” Today..In it, I share the struggles and triumphs of my Journey thus far, Life-Impacting Realizations, S.E.L.F.C.A.R.E., the 8-step Signature Strategy I created to Successfully assist me, and others, w/ Focusing on the Sacred Art of Divine Self-CareContinue reading “An Ode to Summer”

Just in: My Forks Over Knives Success Story is Now Online!

I’m SO EXCITED!! And I just can’t HIDE it!! Now that the Fall issue of the FOK mag is coming out and the Summer issue w/ my article is coming off the shelves, FOK has added me to their Online Success Story page…Enjoy here: Want more info? I’m happy to help! Facebook page: EatingContinue reading “Just in: My Forks Over Knives Success Story is Now Online!”