“Looooove this Ebook! The richness of depth in the messages of S.E.L.F.C.A.R.E., Evon’s 8-step Signature Strategy, is effective, to the point, and something I can always refer back to, with just a click in my pdf file from my phone. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ! It is evident that Evon HAS and IS continuing to Do The Work! She’s Applying the same principles to her own life, that she uses to assist others on their journey. I Infinitely Love, Respect and Honor the Reflection she is in as an example to myself and others.” Omena El

“Evon’s coaching has served as a much-needed reminder to put myself first.” E.A.

“She has a unique ability to help you see yourself and how awesome you Really are.” D.T.

“Her willingness to share her experiences w/ mental illness lets me know it’s ok for me to do the same.” C.C.

“Talking w/ Evon gives me the motivation I need to prioritize my self-care.” R.B.

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