Quarantine Karaoke

Peace Ladies..just getting back from an exciting #JustHerGetAway @ Karaoke😍..I got gussied up in my finest show-tunes giddy-up, grabbed the mic(my trusty tv remote control😁) and got to singing😌I had a blast!! If karaoke is your thing, head on over the Quarantine Karaoke​​ FB group and join in..Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind #quarantinekaraoke


Peace Ladies..just finishing up another relaxing 3 hr #JustHerGetAway…this was a #SoberSipNPaintNWear..the artist teaching the class(me😁) served up refreshing Lemon/Lime spritzers(just water, lemon and lime slices) and was very patient as I muddled my way through my take on #JustHerGetAway‘s logo on a Tshirt..I’m happy w/ the results💕..have you ever done a Sip N PaintContinue reading “#SoberSipNPaintNWear”

Back with the Maasai Women Again

Peace Ladies..just getting back from my #JustHerGetAway this morning…turns out I wound up back in Tanzania w/ the Maasai women again..since I last posted about my “travels” there, I’ve had the privilege of an actual Maasai woman connecting w/ me and we chatted for over 2 hrs this morning..I’m learning so much already😍😍Please feel freeContinue reading “Back with the Maasai Women Again”

Maasai Women in Tanzania

Peace Ladies..just getting back from an exhilarating #JustHerGetAway singing and dancing w/ the Maasai women in Tanzania..I can still hear their beautiful voices😍 I just searched YouTube for “Maasai women in Tanzania” and was swept away by https://youtu.be/j5JAWpSe6ZA Afrikan Goddess FacePaint by yours truly:)Feel free to click on the link if so inspired..What’s been aContinue reading “Maasai Women in Tanzania”

YouTube Channel Launch Coming Soon!

Peace Ladies…as a song/poetry writer, vocalist and recording artist, a #JustHerGetAway for me can be doing any form of any of those..here I am working on recording the Jingle I wrote for #JustHerGetAway‘s Youtube show..though a little nerve-wracking, I did enjoy the experience…when’s the last time you had a #JustHerGetAway? Please share below..Here’s to ourContinue reading “YouTube Channel Launch Coming Soon!”

Food As Medicine

Peace Ladies..this morning I enjoyed an informative #JustHerGetAway to my Sistar Tashira Halyard’s Politics & Fashion Facebook series, The Joy Lounge: Lunchbox Series talk w/ herbalist, acupuncturist and nutritionist Portia Richaé of Deeper Genius Acupuncture & Healing Arts..the topic was How to Use Food as Medicine and it was a beautiful confirmation and reminder..feel freeContinue reading “Food As Medicine”

A Sacred Promise

Peace Ladies..#JustHerGetAway is my way of keeping this promise to myself…I.AM.SHE….Thanks for joining me..I appreciate you all.. Please share your latest #JustHerGetAway below and feel free to invite your Sistars here to our safe space. We also have a private group for women on Facebook titled @JustHerGetAway and on Instagram and Twitter under the sameContinue reading “A Sacred Promise”

Relaxing in Fiji

Peace Ladies..Just getting back from an Ahhmazing #JustHerGetAway this morning..I grabbed my bikini, sunglasses and retreated to a private island in the beautiful Fiji…in my room😍😁The warm sun, bright blue sky and mesmerizing sound of the waves gave me just the lift I needed today. I just Youtube searched “at the beach video” and cameContinue reading “Relaxing in Fiji”