As I Celebrate, I Thank YOU

Mandating Taking Quality Time Out for myself has been instrumental in helping to Save my Life. Today I’m continuing to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of starting #JustHerGetAway, this movement to Empower Women to take quality time for ourselves by sharing the various ways I’m discovering to do so. Thank you All for your positive support, I appreciate you and hope you’ve been inspired..your presence here has Certainly been inspiring me💕 Feeling Rejuvenated as I reminisce on this Refreshing get away to Colonial Beach in Virginia. Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway#SelfCare#PeaceOfMind

Peace Of Mind Support Tool Kit..For support on your Self-Care journey..Included are resources like 12 Healthy Ways I’ve Been Learning To Give Myself Divine Self-Care, our Free Virtual JustHerGetAway and Self-Care 1-On-1 Coaching – Click here.

JustHerGetAway has heard you talking about how difficult it’s been to take quality time for ourselves in the form of travel. Well, we heard you and created a Virtual Travel Agency Just For Women! As your Virtual Travel Concierge, we’ve compiled a vast collection of resources there for Free Virtual Experiences….We’re also partnering w/ Mostly Women-owned businesses to provide you w/ Premier Virtual JustHerGetAway Experiences, both pre-recorded AND Guided Live Virtual Tours: Click here. We hope these help, those who can use it.

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