Peace Ladies..just finishing up another relaxing 3 hr #JustHerGetAway…this was a #SoberSipNPaintNWear..the artist teaching the class(me😁) served up refreshing Lemon/Lime spritzers(just water, lemon and lime slices) and was very patient as I muddled my way through my take on #JustHerGetAway‘s logo on a Tshirt..I’m happy w/ the results💕..have you ever done a Sip N PaintContinue reading “#SoberSipNPaintNWear”

Back with the Maasai Women Again

Peace Ladies..just getting back from my #JustHerGetAway this morning…turns out I wound up back in Tanzania w/ the Maasai women again..since I last posted about my “travels” there, I’ve had the privilege of an actual Maasai woman connecting w/ me and we chatted for over 2 hrs this morning..I’m learning so much already😍😍Please feel freeContinue reading “Back with the Maasai Women Again”

Maasai Women in Tanzania

Peace Ladies..just getting back from an exhilarating #JustHerGetAway singing and dancing w/ the Maasai women in Tanzania..I can still hear their beautiful voices😍 I just searched YouTube for “Maasai women in Tanzania” and was swept away by https://youtu.be/j5JAWpSe6ZA Afrikan Goddess FacePaint by yours truly:)Feel free to click on the link if so inspired..What’s been aContinue reading “Maasai Women in Tanzania”

YouTube Channel Launch Coming Soon!

Peace Ladies…as a song/poetry writer, vocalist and recording artist, a #JustHerGetAway for me can be doing any form of any of those..here I am working on recording the Jingle I wrote for #JustHerGetAway‘s Youtube show..though a little nerve-wracking, I did enjoy the experience…when’s the last time you had a #JustHerGetAway? Please share below..Here’s to ourContinue reading “YouTube Channel Launch Coming Soon!”

Food As Medicine

Peace Ladies..this morning I enjoyed an informative #JustHerGetAway to my Sistar Tashira Halyard’s Politics & Fashion Facebook series, The Joy Lounge: Lunchbox Series talk w/ herbalist, acupuncturist and nutritionist Portia Richaé of Deeper Genius Acupuncture & Healing Arts..the topic was How to Use Food as Medicine and it was a beautiful confirmation and reminder..feel freeContinue reading “Food As Medicine”

A Sacred Promise

Peace Ladies..#JustHerGetAway is my way of keeping this promise to myself…I.AM.SHE….Thanks for joining me..I appreciate you all.. Please share your latest #JustHerGetAway below and feel free to invite your Sistars here to our safe space. We also have a private group for women on Facebook titled @JustHerGetAway and on Instagram and Twitter under the sameContinue reading “A Sacred Promise”

Relaxing in Fiji

Peace Ladies..Just getting back from an Ahhmazing #JustHerGetAway this morning..I grabbed my bikini, sunglasses and retreated to a private island in the beautiful Fiji…in my room😍😁The warm sun, bright blue sky and mesmerizing sound of the waves gave me just the lift I needed today. I just Youtube searched “at the beach video” and cameContinue reading “Relaxing in Fiji”

Deep Breathes

Peace Ladies..My #JustHerGetAway this morning..thoroughly enjoyed this peaceful digital coloring activity..This is a drawing(named #AfrikanPrincess) by the esteemed Ruth Carter, Artist Extraordinaire and Costume Designer for Black Panther, Amistad and many more…Feel free to learn more about her and download her drawings @ academymuseum.org…I imported the drawings into the Recolor app from the Google Playstore,Continue reading “Deep Breathes”

The Power of Love

Peace Ladies…my #JustHerGetAway this morning involved a couple of hours of meditative and peaceful drawing of my immediate family’s designated crest..It’s the Adinkra Symbol, Odo NNyew Fie Kwan, which symbolizes the Power of Love..and for us, Love really never loses it’s way home…Please share your #GetAway below…Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕 #JustHerGetAway #Adinkra #AfrikanWoman #AfrikanFamilyContinue reading “The Power of Love”