Up a Creek

Peace Ladies..one of my fav kinds of a #JustHerGetAway..to visit a babbling brook..so peaceful and serene..In the spirit of #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, I often will find myself at a body of water to decompress when I’m particularly feeling overwhelmed from bouts of anxiety, depression, ptsd and/or bi-polar episodes..Please feel free to share a fav #JustHerGetAway below..Here’s toContinue reading “Up a Creek”

Bornday Honey Moon – I Do

Peace Ladies..checking in from my yearly Bornday #JustHerGetAway that’s still going on..for the last few years, I’ve been being using my Bornday (which was this past Friday, 5/22) as a time to recommit to my Supreme, Divine Self-Care, as a time to recalibrate what that looks like for me, as at least a month longContinue reading “Bornday Honey Moon – I Do”

Erykah Badu and Jill Scott Concert

Peace Ladies..just getting back from a Rejuvenating #JustHerGetAway..a meditative morning #missjillscott and #erykahbadu #verzuztv concert😍Half the fun was getting dressed in my fancy concert duds😁Those two Goddesses blessed my heart w/ their warm interactions and legendary tunes..Have you ever been to a concert/show by Yourself? If so, did you enjoy yourself? Please feel free toContinue reading “Erykah Badu and Jill Scott Concert”

Flower Power

Peace Ladies..hope you all are enjoying your weekend..still feeling extra Zen from my #JustHerGetAway this morning..took a nice walk and “picked” some flowers..white cherry blossoms, lilies, roses😍Thoroughly enjoyed this Origami experience..please share any #JustHerGetAway’s you may have had lately..Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind

A Token Of My Appreciation

Peace Ladies..I APPRECIATE you ALL joining me here and have been working hard to put something together to try to show you just how much I do..so, in the spirit of Self-Care, please click here to receive your Virtual #JustHerGetAway: A Little R&R, as a token of my appreciation..a small getaway you can do inContinue reading “A Token Of My Appreciation”