A trip to the Rain Forest

Peace Ladies…and just like That!, for my #JustHerGetAway I took a trip to the Rain Forest and got to see a Red Eyed Tree Frog..we got into a mild staring contest..and I gracefully bowed out😁Just getting back but what an exhilirating time I had..as I put this puzzle together😋 Please share your latest #JustHerGetAway below.Continue reading “A trip to the Rain Forest”


Peace..and Welcome Everyone💕Had a Restorative #JustHerGetAway this morning..Bassey Ikpi‘s book, I’m telling the Truth But I’m Lying is amazing so far..it’s a group of autobiographical essays about her life leading up to being diagnosed w/ a mental illness..her power of the written word is breathtaking..as someone who’s been diagnosed as well, reading this has meContinue reading “Restoration”


Peace..I’m E..Welcome to Just Her Get Away..a place women-identifying humans can come and be Empowered to take quality time out for ourselves..today my Get Away involved an hour and a half of morning meditative and peaceful coloring of this Mandala..what was Your Get Away today? Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway #Mandala #selfcare #PeaceOfMind