One for the Road

As I prepare to pack this car up today and get on the road to drop off my youngest to her first year of college, I’m grateful for our last spontaneous #JustHerGetAway we embarked on last weekend. At the beginning of this year, together we started watching some episodes of Secrets of the Zoo, the Columbus Zoo/The Wilds edition. Like times past, I know she enjoys seeing education she’s into on the screen, come to Life. So we talked about actually visiting in person and though we’ve had a Whirlwind of a Spring and Summer, we Finally made the trip happen. I’m grateful to have been able to get in one last trip w/ her before she Officially becomes a College student. Of course, we had a blast. #FreeAfrikanTeenGoddess sure looks good on her….Here’s to our Family’s Freedom and our Divine Self-Care 💕#ForeverUnschooled#JustHerGetAway#SelfCare#PeaceOfMind

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