One of those days

“What we crave, is the numbing of the thing that we don’t want to feel”. From the Netflix movie “To The Bone”. I watched that movie a while ago and that line was so powerful, I made sure to write it down.Today…is one of those days I want to numb All Of The Things….every last One of the things…so..many..Stressful parts of my reality here on this place called Earth…I’ve been taking a lot of deep breaths as I’ve contemplated..just one bite of SOFAS full (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar full) “food”…just one drink…just one sniff..just one pill..just one smoke..Today is one of those days I had to remind myself…out loud…of my “Why”…Why I’m Actively day at a time, one stressful situation/moment at a time…to partake in this thing I call Crutch Free Living…These two, who are now 25 and 18, are a Large part of my “Why”…I remind myself how important it is for me to keep pushing so I can continue to Live out my purpose…And, at least for today, these reminders are working…As a Refined Food Addict and Overeater in Recovery, and general “Crutch User and Abuser” in Recovery, I remind myself all that matters is…right now..Right now, I’m breathing through this…With all the uplifting posts I make, and Smiling pics I post, I think it’s important to highlight, those are just Some days, not every day…I go through, like anyone else…Here’s to our health💕#EatingForMyL1fe Refrain from any sort of dismissive and or religious comments, and/or advice…I’m under the Care of competent health professionals.

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