NEW VIDEO I’m Featured In!! SMILE by Konshens TheMc

I’M SO EXCITED!!NEW Video Out, of a poetic jazz experience called “Smile” by Konshens Themc and I’m featured in it


You’ll see my Smiling face between the 35 second and 37 second mark (Click here to watch)..what I know is no coincidence: when Konshens put out the word last summer for these Smile pics, I was just starting to process a Major Heartbreak I’d caused myself (because I’m not a victim) and had just returned from watching the sunrise over the bay to assist in healing my heart..I’d snapped a pic of my peaceful smile as I sat out there that no surprise to me that at the exact moment my Smiling pic is about to pop up in this video, Konshens is saying – “Smiles be brighter than the Sun..or even a sign from the universe saying…Nah, I’m not done”..In spite of the pain I was going through at that time, I’m grateful I knew it didn’t mean the end of my world…Divine timing, Divine order..big thanks to Konshens Themc for including me..I smiled the Entire time I watched this and appreciate the reminder at the end: Have you Smiled Today?


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