Having Fun On The Red Carpet

EXCITING NEWS!! – My NEW Ebook AND NEW Online 8 Week MasterClass, both titled “Let Go or Be Dragged: Learning The Healing Art of Letting Go” is NOW available for Pre-Order!! The Ebook, in which I share My Story, Life-Impacting Realizations, S.E.L.F.C.A.R.E.: the 8-step Signature Strategy I created to Successfully assist me w/ Focusing on my Divine Self-Care and take my Life back, and more, is NOW available for Pre-Order and makes it Debut on Saturday, 2/13/21, AND My NEW 8 Week Online MasterClass is NOW available for Registration and will Begin on Monday, Feb. 15th, 2021 and run through the week of Apr. 5th, 2021. Both can NOW be purchased in our Peace Of Mind Support Tool Kit: Https://justhergetaway.wordpress.com/peace-of-mind-support-tool-kit/ I look forward to Helping those interested, in helping themselves!

Peace Ladies…Feeling Rejuvenated as I reminisce on a Lively #JustHerGetAway to an Annual Afrikan Concert Extravaganza called Birthright…I always have the most fun w/ a red carpet😁 I had a blast🌟…What’s one of your fav events you’ve ever attended? Please feel free to comment below…Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💞#JustHerGetAway#SelfCare#PeaceOfMind

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