Even in the midst of a pandemic, I give Thanks

Peace Ladies..hope you’re doing well..Full transparency: lately I’ve been experiencing some Depression symptoms (I’m diagnosed w/ mental illnesses Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar and Ptsd)..while I look forward to an upcoming appointment w/ my therapist, I remembered to shift to a focus of gratitude..I’m feeling Grateful as I reminisce on a touching Volunteer Tourism #JustHerGetAway to Jamaica..a non-profit I was acquainted w/ (Harvest International) spent a day painting a one-room Primer school in Trelawny..I joined them as a representative of Tranquil Blessings, a family provider of Holistic services, and threw the children a party that included games, face painting, personalized t-shirts and more..though I was only w/ them for a few hours, their joy left an imprint on my heart forever..Have you ever volunteered while touring a location? Feel free to share below..Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕 #JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind

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