Journal the Journey

Peace Ladies..hoping you all had a peaceful weekend..Big thanks to any and all who were able to tune into the SIS Empowerment Podcast on Thursday…for those that weren’t, you can now access the replay here: Feeling grateful as I return from a Reflective #JustHerGetAway writing in my #BIPOCMentalHealthAwarenessMonth has just come to a close and as someone who has been diagnosed w/ Mental illnesses Anxiety, Bi-polar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, journaling my thoughts and emotions has been assisting me w/ dealing w/ some symptoms of depression that have been heavy on me the past week..continuing to keep you journal? If so, please feel free to share below. Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind

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