Blissful Boating and a side of Interview

Peace Ladies…Feeling adventurous as I reminisce on a Blissful boating #JustHerGetAway moment..While having a blast, I learned some new things about inflatable boating as this was my first time..I’m excited to share w/ you all that I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker on SIS ( Sisters In Spirit) Empowerment Podcast this coming Thursday, July 30th, from 8pm-9pm EST. I’ll be sharing my story and the steps I’ve been taking as I’m sustainably #EatingForMyL1fe w/ SOFAS Free (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free) Whole Food Plants Exclusively (down 60lbs since 1/6/2020) and taking plenty of quality time out for myself w/ my #JustHerGetAway(s) will be able to listen here: I look forward to you all joining me..Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind

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